Are you ready to finally give yourself a reason to get yourself in shape and undertake the challenge of a lifetime?

Your on this page which means your semi-interested. Maybe you are being nosey or maybe you genuinely need the FEAR of walking out in front of 700 people to MOTIVATE you to get you in the shape and condition you want

Maybe you’re at a point in your career where:

You are bored with traditional fitness 

You need a kickstart of something to give you some FOCUS

Your body and your health need a kick up you know where

Your suck in a RUT and need the challenge to unleash your energy

Whatever your reasons the Rock White Collar has helped 150 islanders transform their health and fitness since its inception in 2014.

Hopefully, you have never boxed before - this makes your journey all the more rewarding.

You don’t need to be an athlete, in fact most of our past participants have used the event as a springboard to overhaul their lifestyle

We only have two prestigious white-collar events a year with 48 places up for grabs. If you have been toying with the idea of getting the gloves on and feeling like a boxing superstar for the night then click the APPLY NOW button to see how to go about boxing on The Rock White Collar Production.

Now we get inundated with applications for our events 12 months in advance. So maybe you are wondering how you go about getting a place on the Rock White Collar Show

Take the first step today in signing up for The Rock White Collar

  • Complete our short APPLICATION FORM 
  • We will give you a call to discuss further 
  • Meet at our studio to answer any questions and process your registration

First, you’ve got to know why you want to do it and why this is important to you.

Then we ask you to (we may have to remind you of this when the tough get going)