Guernsey-man and friend of Craig Culkin to fight on the Rock White Collar Show on 31st October 2020K


Ryan Tippett

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Why exactly did you sign up for this event? (apart from the obvious of wanting to get fit) *

Whilst training with Ben Duff in Far East Asia in 2004, I mentioned to Ben that I would have a crack at boxing after football, so the plan was always to hang the boots up and put the gloves on! ⚽️ ?

Then when Craig invited me to fight at one of his shows the timing was perfect! ?

Since the emergence of white collar boxing, I have planned to complete the 12 week training program and experience the whole process from start to finish so bring it on! ?

700 people will read this bit. In a nutshell tell us about you? How are you feeling about getting started? What do friends, family and work colleagues think about you fighting? Whats your biggest fears about the whole event? What is driving you to do this? Feel free to add anything about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, or anything that is entertaining, embarrassing or inspiratianal

Quitting has never been an option for me! when there’s a will there’s a way! ?

Was nicknamed “The Hurricane” by my football teammates in NZ for leading a rocknrolla lifestyle! ?

Football is in my blood and I love my family and friends with a passion! ??

I am super ambitious in my recruitment career and thrive to make a positive impression on all candidates and clients! ?

My inspirations for boxing began in my nan’s backyard in Liverpool watching my uncles go to war on the punch bag! ?

Whilst staying at my uncle Tommy “The Smoothie” Cavanagh’s one summer, I had the pleasure of visiting Craig’s boxing trophy cabinet whilst listening to the Rocky soundtrack on repeat! ??

My uncle Tommy had over 100 bouts! Two of my cousins had a bash at white collar boxing in Liverpool so now it’s my turn to get in where it hurts and put on a show!

#nofear ?

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